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Every penny invested into The Park Foundation funds cutting edge research and clinical trials to support neonates. We know these programs will help save lives and bring hope to families worldwide.

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A special shout out to these amazing people for their donations that helped make this happen!

Jared Shure, Adam Bond, Joelle Serota, Adam Wilder, Brian Shure, Michael Moskowitz, Iris Berger, Jody Calabrese, Geralyn Alva, Carolynne Bayer, Bonnie Cohen-Gallet, Eden Sherman, Nora Eisenstat, Alex Rotan, Stacy Reingold, Pamela Kotorac, Lisa Williams, Betsy + Rich E, Stephanie Nelson, Mike Zamalkany, Mario Ilie, Arlene Whiteman, Mallory Grifo, Lacoste Family, Jodie Rothman, Miller Family, Laura Hopkins, Robie Fihman, Anne Vergine, Ellen Kay, Sara Batterton, Susan Kronick, David Heshfield, Anne Bernstein, Ginny Yacovone, Jane Mendel, Linda Chin-Meher, Eliza Meltzer, Ian Ainsworth, Labovitz Family, Dowling Family, Jackson Family, Ainsworth Family, Amy+Rich Richer, Haylee Donovan, Carrie Rankin, Erin Lynch, Kara Bernstein, Kane Family, Cunningham Family, Rita+Jim Kotorac, Diane McIntosh, Holstein Family, Anne Lemelin, Kelly McCormick, Amanda Hunt, Sylvia Jennette, Melanie Hendrick, Jorie Kirschbaum, Rachel Stromeyer, Sam Fuller, Harry Vorhoff, Marilyn Rosario, Frank Wircharshky, Myers Family, Daena Myers, Stella Kokoros, Therese Calvano, Alexis Ginsberg, Michelle Morrissey, Josh Highnote, Ashley Edwards, David Williams, Kelly Gardner, Matthew Lefkowitz, Jacky Wu, Richard Erny, Rachel Kassigner, Rebecca Britton, Margaret Gow, Kate Middleton, James Martin, Christopher McGuire, Gonzalez Family, Lavance Family, Kate Wilson, Geil Family, Nadja Popovich, Gabrielle Alicino, Amelie Inge and Diane Gonzalez

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič
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